Monday, May 22, 2006

You're Fired

If blogging were my job I would be fired. Week before last Brian's dad, Ron, was in town visiting and we had Kendall's birthday party. Last week Kendall and I were in Pensacola all week. We had a great time seeing everyone. Every time I go there it makes me wish that much more that we lived there now. I am, however, happy to be back and getting back into our schedule (I just wish our schedule occurred there). Kendall had her one year check up today. She fell even lower off the bottom of the growth chart in weight. He was only slightly concerned and said that we will just monitor it. I started to wean her off of nursing today, we skipped her morning feeding. She is in the 10th percentile for height and he said that she was smart and that she looked mischievous. She was showing off for the doctor and showed him all her tricks: "Kendall what does a bear say?" "Roooooawwww"

Blogger isn't uploading pictures right now so I'll add some once it's back up.

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