Monday, May 01, 2006

Whetever Happened to Cows & Dogs!?!?

So Brian and I were trying to think of ways we could be stimulating Kendall's brain. My friend Karin loaned me some cute Baby Einstein flash cards that Kendall is loving. Well, I decided we needed to get more since she is so excited about learning (my little genius). Today I picked up some animal flashcards. The box had a picture of a cute little penguin on the front. Well, we got home and I started looking through them and they had the following animals:
red spotted newt, spadefoot toad, piranha, komodo dragon, tuatara???? White sturgeon, sockeye salmon, peregrine falcon, mud puppy, eastern hellbender salamander, caecilian (worm like creature), lamprey, bullhead catfish! Whatever happened to dog, cow, kitty, fish...?!?!?! Well, Kendall started crying when she was looking at the pictures so I think that these may be a little too advanced or maybe scary is a better word.

We had a fantastic busy weekend. Kendall got pretty wound up I think because she has had a couple of bad sleep nights and poor nap times. Or perhaps she is having nightmares about the Eastern Hellbender Salamander.

Note: even the spellcheck doesn't recognize most of those animal names.


  1. That is NUTS. I say we make some flashcards. I can draw cartoon animals just fine.

    Weekend was great. It was wonderful to see you all!

  2. What...? She was here and I didn't even meet her. Whatever, it's not like I was busy or anything.ha
    Hey, do you have the baby Little Golden book with the owl on it? That was my kids favorite. They named all the animals in it. Books were the old flashcards.

  3. We had a great weekend with Pop Ron. I told him to expect a
    super weekend with grandbaby Kendall. Wednesday the contractor will start on our extra bedrooms and bath so it should be ready for use on the way to Ocean City. Yea

  4. That is crazy! I think I would cry too!