Friday, June 09, 2006

Ahh, One Good Mess

Okay, I have attempted to post twice since my last update but Blogger has been down. Yeah, excuses...excuses. Dani is playing with Kendall today so that I can get a little caught up on some work. I did a few pages for a clients album and a few pages for the online class I'm teaching (I'm the teacher and I'm dreadfully behind). Anyway, sometimes a mess can stress me out, but a messy scrapping desk is a great sign of a successful day so I just had to capture it on film. Note that the mess was so massive that I had to stand on my desk chair (and hold my camera over my head) to capture it all, hence the toes in the picture. I can just imagine Brian shaking his head at that image too...just an accident waiting to happen right honey??? Life will never be boring with me.

Also, here is a look at Kendall at her first baseball game. Buddy Bat didn't make if very close to her but she was very interested in him from a distance (well, it was either him or the four wheeler he was driving around on).

Tomorrow is Dani's graduation, yippee!!! We're all having dinner together afterward. I made the ever popular Eclair Cake. It was on Paula Deen yesterday!!!! Sara, how did she get your recipe?!?! I would draw the line at her putting it in her cookbook though if I were you, or just demand royalties, ha.

Well, I'm going to get a little be more done and then head over to Lorie's house.


  1. I love reading your blog and catching up on your busy life. I have that same Eclair recipe and everyone loves it!!

    Wish we could be there today to celebrate with Dani. Please give her a hug for us!! love, paula

  2. glad to see another blog. we too have had blogging problems. sorry i have not been able to do the scrapbooking here. will have to do it another time. looks like it was hot at the game. kendall must be feeling a bit better. Dani must have been excited about her graduation. Did she have an all night party thinks shse may have 2 other roomies in Chicago. That would be so awesome if it works out. my parents left yesterday for a 2 week trip to Cosovo with a tour group they have used often. kim and i very excited to be almost coming home. I AM IN DESPERATE NEED OF A HAIRCUT.

  3. I agree with incagirl that I am happy to see another blog. The top of your desk is the way mine looks now, minus the toes. Chilly here this morning but that's all right. Seems a lot of people I know are attending graduation parties . Have them scheduled for several weekends. Kendall looks as though she likes being at a ball game. I hope she does as between her daddy and the rest of the males in the family,she will be surrounded with sports.