Monday, June 19, 2006

Cool Dude

Today at Target I got Kendall her first set of "So Big Washable Crayola Crayons" This is her first masterpiece. I see a lot of talent here, having majored in art I've done a lot of studying of different works, so I know. The composition is balanced and the work just oozes brilliance.
Hmmmm, on another note we are moving right along on the weaning from nursing. As of today Kendall is nursing only once a day (down from four). Next week it will be zilch, zero, nada. She has been a little fussy lately due to a sore throat but my sweet gal was back in full force today with lots of smiles and a healthy appetite. Tonight we went out for pizza and Kendall had to be stripped down to her bloomers and flowered flip flops before being put into her new carseat since she had decided that she would wipe off her messy table with her dress.

While we were at Target I witnessed one of my pet peeves...Indoor sunglasses wearing. Unless there is a medical necessity then sunglasses should come off once you walk indoors. If they remain on the face you look like you are just trying really hard to be cool (but we all know you are thinking, 'gee ,it's kind of dark with these things on). So today Kendall and I were just strolling along and there before us stood a "cool dude" with white shirt, blue jeans, black boots and you guessed it, sunglasses. He is walking in front of us and I say, "Excuse me, sir" (no, really I did). He turns around slowly, I think because he's afraid he will run into something if he makes sudden movements. He looks at me and I say: "You still have the size sticker stuck to the back of your jeans". HAAAAAA, guess he got dressed with the sunglasses on too. Oh brother.

And finally, the moment we've all been waiting for....Kendall officially took one step today!! I was sitting on the floor in the bedroom with her, she was standing at the bed and she wanted to come to me, she let go took a step and grabbed onto my neck with a ferocious grip. She'll be running and pole vaulting before we know it! (That's a little shout out to my hubby the pole vaulter)


  1. WAY TO GO KENDALL!!!!!!!!!

  2. Of course her work is impressive. She is related to all the Kelly girls. It is in her genes.

    I can totally believe she took a step. She is capable of walking. She is just being stubborn. Oh yeah... again she is related to the Kelly girls.

  3. Woah, my hubby was a pole vaulter too.

    I just saw ALOT OF ART in the last couple of weeks. I hafta say that Kendall is on the right path.

  4. P.S. CONGRATS Kendall!!!!