Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Say Cheesy

Mmmmm, cheesy pasta, Kendall likes it......to smear on her face and to secure her hair-do. Oh, she likes to use it to color her eyebrows too. Doesn't she just look so pleased with herself rubbing her hands together like that?. I can just read her thoughts...."he he he, guess I'm gonna get a bath tonight, eh??" (sometimes she talks with a Canadian accent, don't cha know?)

We had a great day today. This morning I had Bible Study so Kendall got to go play in the nursery with the other kiddos. Her room had a window in it so I could spy on her, I peaked in the window after class and she was rolling this gy-nor-mous ball around and then crawling after it with great fury. She is so funny, she pushes the ball away and then swing her arms around like a delayed wind up. After study we went out to lunch with Jennie and Anna. The girls had a great time "window shopping" and chatting about life (the big girls that is). The little girls had fun staring at people and generally just looking cute. Kendall rode around in her big girl car seat (still facing backwards) today. After nap time we rushed to the gym for a fitness ball class. Kendall did aerobics (Sweating to the Oldies, I think) in the nursery...man she just loves Richard Simmons and those tiny shorts. Ha, just kidding she played puppets with the other kids.

Tomorrow Jennie and Anna are coming over to go see Woody the wiener Dog at the library. We're not exactly sure what Woody does, but we know we don't want to miss it. I'm a little gung-ho about all the mother/daughter summer activities that are occurring in the city and I don't know if Kendall can fully appreciate it. It gets us out of the house though and gives her play time with other kids.


  1. So just to review, you went home and then to the gym. I went home and then ate cookies.

    Woody here we come!!!

  2. Love those pictures. She looks like a little angel

  3. Anonymous11:02 AM

    I'm not sure it's all angel, I think I see mischief shinning in those eyes. Too cute, brings back memories but I'm glad you are the one to clean her up.

  4. Somehow, I missed these pics. Great ones. Probably show some of the more accurate side of Bug. Sometimes mine can be deceptive!!! I love the ooey goo. But, I am like Mom in that I am glad you are cleaning it up.