Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Grab Bag

Not too much going on here. My sweet little girl is finally herself again. Yesterday I cleaned all day. This morning we had Bible study and then Jennie and I got lunch. Kendall entertained us all by covering her head with her blanket and then peek-a-booing out of it.

The second picture shows the front seat of my car. Yes, I love bags but obviously they are put to good use. Bag 1 (on floor) books for used book store, bag 2 books for library, bag 3 Oh, so cute diaper bag (gift from my cutie patootie sister Sara), bag 4 Bible Study stuff, bag 5 (not shown) gym stuff. In highschool it was cool to carry all your books without a bag. Now that I also have to balance a baby that just isn't happening so a bag for all occassions is necessary.

We're going to play for 15 more minutes and then head over to the gym. Just a couple more weeks before I have to wear a bathing suit and I'm going to cram every workout I can in between now and then!


  1. again, cute pics.

    i hear ya on the workout schedule. The realization of a bathing suit hit me hard the other day. YIKES!

  2. Anonymous10:17 AM

    pretty girl-pretty flowers
    what more can you ask for?