Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More Fun Times

It's hard to make yourself blog, email, talk on the phone when you are out of town but here are a couple of the day's highlights.

Jenn, Jessy, and I went out on the fishing pier and saw a sea turtle and dolphin. Alex and Dani had the better show when they went later in the day and saw a six foot shark caught (yes, it is very close to where we swim!).

Kendall proved to be a genius, ha. We had a lot of different colored rings on the floor from one of the Survivor challenges and Kendall was using them to play her favorite game...put them all on the coffee table then put them all on the floor then repeat.... well, when she was putting them on the table she sorted them by color. WOW! I was so impressed. She is being really good but a little bit clingy. I think that she knows her daddy isn't around and is very afraid that I'm going to go missing too so she doesn't want to be away from me much to the dismay of her aunts and cousins!

Other then that just the normal everyday stuff such as beach time, eating, and the usual drama that you get from having a lot of emotional women sharing a house.

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