Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Just a relaxing (?) day at the spa

So today was the big day, I get so excited about haircuts and I had one scheduled for today. If you are a faithful blog reader you will notice that my last one was.....uh (shamefully) Valentine's Day.

Anyway, so I made my way down town to the spa, had zero time waiting and actually had a nice chat with my colorist. Usually I don't like small talk (at all) but she was pregnant so we talked about babies and little girls with their daddies and it was nice. Once my hair was nicely highlighted I received a gloss (complimentary...I love my salon), I was reclined in the chair having the gloss applied when I feel something on my face. I'm thinking, "WHAT THE?!?!?!" and then hear, "just a little makeup touch up for you. Hmmmm, un-asked for but maybe I needed it. I close my eyes again enjoying the feeling of being pampered and it happened AGAIN.... "A little bronzer for you" I was beginning to wonder if I looked that bad when I came in. Don't worry about it, I think to myself, and then the final straw- I feel some sticky, foul tasting "lip gloss" being painted on my lips. I must have given her a look because my seat was pushed back up to the upright position and I was directed to the lounge area. I settle in and open my book. At some point I glance up and kind of smirk when I see a woman sitting across from me with far too much make-up on...But then the smirk fades away as I realize I'm looking in a mirror (groan).

Finally, my stylist comes to pick me up, ushers me to the sinks to remove my gloss and before I know it she's asking me if I had my makeup refreshed yet. "Uh, yeah" I stammer, "she's got me covered" (literally and figuratively I think). On to the cut. I proudly pull out the picture that I have brought along for her to use as a guide and after a brief "consultation" she starts to snip. I notice a problem right a way, she is hardly cutting at all! I keep having to say, "I'm envisioning this a lot shorter here on top and on the sides" and "this is just looking a little heavy to me". Centimeter by centimeter the hair starts to fall. At some point she says, let me just tell my next client that I'm running a little behind. Finally she is finished and as I had feared the finished product doesn't quite (or more accurately doesn't at all) look like my photo. She realizes this though and tells me to come back in a couple of days if I'm unhappy with it.

And now, I'm going to leave you hanging and not put a picture of it. SORRY! I've now taken a bath and removed all makeup and it's such a startling contrast to pre-bath face that I can't post pictures of it online :) Once I'm able to style my hair on my own tomorrow I'll post pictures.

P.S. Brian's comment when he came home tonight was "I thought it would be good shorter on top"
P.S.S. Yes, make-up was applied to my face, however I may have over embellished the drastic-ness of it for the sake of story telling (but, still I wasn't expecting it and I didn't quite recognize myself in the mirror).

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