Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Grab Bag

Not too much going on here. My sweet little girl is finally herself again. Yesterday I cleaned all day. This morning we had Bible study and then Jennie and I got lunch. Kendall entertained us all by covering her head with her blanket and then peek-a-booing out of it.

The second picture shows the front seat of my car. Yes, I love bags but obviously they are put to good use. Bag 1 (on floor) books for used book store, bag 2 books for library, bag 3 Oh, so cute diaper bag (gift from my cutie patootie sister Sara), bag 4 Bible Study stuff, bag 5 (not shown) gym stuff. In highschool it was cool to carry all your books without a bag. Now that I also have to balance a baby that just isn't happening so a bag for all occassions is necessary.

We're going to play for 15 more minutes and then head over to the gym. Just a couple more weeks before I have to wear a bathing suit and I'm going to cram every workout I can in between now and then!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Cool Dude

Today at Target I got Kendall her first set of "So Big Washable Crayola Crayons" This is her first masterpiece. I see a lot of talent here, having majored in art I've done a lot of studying of different works, so I know. The composition is balanced and the work just oozes brilliance.
Hmmmm, on another note we are moving right along on the weaning from nursing. As of today Kendall is nursing only once a day (down from four). Next week it will be zilch, zero, nada. She has been a little fussy lately due to a sore throat but my sweet gal was back in full force today with lots of smiles and a healthy appetite. Tonight we went out for pizza and Kendall had to be stripped down to her bloomers and flowered flip flops before being put into her new carseat since she had decided that she would wipe off her messy table with her dress.

While we were at Target I witnessed one of my pet peeves...Indoor sunglasses wearing. Unless there is a medical necessity then sunglasses should come off once you walk indoors. If they remain on the face you look like you are just trying really hard to be cool (but we all know you are thinking, 'gee ,it's kind of dark with these things on). So today Kendall and I were just strolling along and there before us stood a "cool dude" with white shirt, blue jeans, black boots and you guessed it, sunglasses. He is walking in front of us and I say, "Excuse me, sir" (no, really I did). He turns around slowly, I think because he's afraid he will run into something if he makes sudden movements. He looks at me and I say: "You still have the size sticker stuck to the back of your jeans". HAAAAAA, guess he got dressed with the sunglasses on too. Oh brother.

And finally, the moment we've all been waiting for....Kendall officially took one step today!! I was sitting on the floor in the bedroom with her, she was standing at the bed and she wanted to come to me, she let go took a step and grabbed onto my neck with a ferocious grip. She'll be running and pole vaulting before we know it! (That's a little shout out to my hubby the pole vaulter)

Happy Daddy Day

Kendall is very lucky to have this daddy. I don't think anyone could love her any more then Brian does. It is obvious that she loves him back just as much, you should see her face when he pulls in the driveway. We always wait on the front porch when he is on the way home, she knows his car and smiles so big, waves, and says "da da da da"
when she sees it coming down the street.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Say Meatballs

The night following the cheese episode was spaghetti night. "Is that an unfortunate mole on your eyebrow?" you ask. "Why no, it's just a little meatball." I also have a picture with a pasta star in her ear, saving it for later I guess. Amazingly enough there is a lot of food that is actually making its way into her mouth.
Maybe the better picture would have been the one of Brian grimacing. He actually said, "I think that they need some cleaner food." Ah, life is good

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Say Cheesy

Mmmmm, cheesy pasta, Kendall likes it......to smear on her face and to secure her hair-do. Oh, she likes to use it to color her eyebrows too. Doesn't she just look so pleased with herself rubbing her hands together like that?. I can just read her thoughts...."he he he, guess I'm gonna get a bath tonight, eh??" (sometimes she talks with a Canadian accent, don't cha know?)

We had a great day today. This morning I had Bible Study so Kendall got to go play in the nursery with the other kiddos. Her room had a window in it so I could spy on her, I peaked in the window after class and she was rolling this gy-nor-mous ball around and then crawling after it with great fury. She is so funny, she pushes the ball away and then swing her arms around like a delayed wind up. After study we went out to lunch with Jennie and Anna. The girls had a great time "window shopping" and chatting about life (the big girls that is). The little girls had fun staring at people and generally just looking cute. Kendall rode around in her big girl car seat (still facing backwards) today. After nap time we rushed to the gym for a fitness ball class. Kendall did aerobics (Sweating to the Oldies, I think) in the nursery...man she just loves Richard Simmons and those tiny shorts. Ha, just kidding she played puppets with the other kids.

Tomorrow Jennie and Anna are coming over to go see Woody the wiener Dog at the library. We're not exactly sure what Woody does, but we know we don't want to miss it. I'm a little gung-ho about all the mother/daughter summer activities that are occurring in the city and I don't know if Kendall can fully appreciate it. It gets us out of the house though and gives her play time with other kids.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz

While Brian and I were living in Seattle (internship between his two years at HBS) Kim, Brian's sister, sent him some coffee from Mexico. He decided to make it one Saturday morning and he started running around like a banshee. I was relaxed on the sofa and he was cleaning like a madman (Note: we had a cleaning service that came once a week and they had been there the day before). He was scrubbing the sink, jumping from one thing to the next, taking out the trash and even took a few laps around the apartment complex. Well, I feel a bit like that right now. I'm thinking that coffee ice cream may have a LOT of caffeine in it. I came upstairs to take a relaxing bath but somehow managed to end up in my office working and cleaning like a mad woman. But, I can't concentrate on one task. For instance I grabbed a box to put my Kendall pictures in, set it on my desk and got distracted by my computer and blogger. Oops, my attention span is starting to fade....back to the box 'o' pictures.

More tomorrow...when my brain is functioning a little more clearly.

In the meantime, here is a picture of Kendall and her Gram in honor of her upcoming return from Peru!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Ahh, One Good Mess

Okay, I have attempted to post twice since my last update but Blogger has been down. Yeah, excuses...excuses. Dani is playing with Kendall today so that I can get a little caught up on some work. I did a few pages for a clients album and a few pages for the online class I'm teaching (I'm the teacher and I'm dreadfully behind). Anyway, sometimes a mess can stress me out, but a messy scrapping desk is a great sign of a successful day so I just had to capture it on film. Note that the mess was so massive that I had to stand on my desk chair (and hold my camera over my head) to capture it all, hence the toes in the picture. I can just imagine Brian shaking his head at that image too...just an accident waiting to happen right honey??? Life will never be boring with me.

Also, here is a look at Kendall at her first baseball game. Buddy Bat didn't make if very close to her but she was very interested in him from a distance (well, it was either him or the four wheeler he was driving around on).

Tomorrow is Dani's graduation, yippee!!! We're all having dinner together afterward. I made the ever popular Eclair Cake. It was on Paula Deen yesterday!!!! Sara, how did she get your recipe?!?! I would draw the line at her putting it in her cookbook though if I were you, or just demand royalties, ha.

Well, I'm going to get a little be more done and then head over to Lorie's house.