Saturday, March 03, 2007

Gettin' Down to Business

So tonight Kendall tells me, "Poo poo potty" and walks into the bathroom. So I took her in there and we sat together for about 5 minutes or so but regardless of the effort nothing came of it other then these super cute pictures. I'm hesitant to start the process just two short weeks before her world will be turned upside down because I hear so much about how toddlers will regress during these times. I think I will wait a couple months after Kate gets here and get down to the business of potty training.

Speaking of Kate we had our sonogram on Friday and

she is 5 1/2 pounds and is swimming around in only slightly diminished fluid. Fluid loss is expected at this point and mine is still within the safe zone so we're looking good. I'll have another sonogram every week now (really only two more times) just to make sure it doesn't drop. Kate was all curled up in a tiny ball in the same position that she was in last time (head down all on my left side) and she was sucking on her knuckles. We got another 3-D photo and you can see her little shoulder and arm--so very cute. The technician could see hair moving in the fluid so she must have a lot!! Kate now weighs more then Kendall did when we came home from the hospital and as of this week this pregnancy will have lasted longer. When Brian pointed that out it made me feel really at ease, not so anxious about having her too early now.

We've been trying to talk to Kendall about Baby Kate coming home but I really don't know how much she understands. I was telling her how Gram was going to be coming to stay with her too. She is having such a hard time saying Gram for some reason. Every other word she says is getting so much more clearer but we have to keep working on "Deweese". Deweese??


  1. Since you Sampson's never seem to post my comments this is probably pointless but here' my comment.... I don't think parents should ever display picture of their children doing anything that they wouldn't want a picture of themselves doing... crying, walking around naked, and most assuredly, doing the duece. So, I better see a picture of Brian pinching one off to be true to Kendall.

  2. Um. I do NOT want to see the picture mentioned offense Brian. But Kendall looks adorable on the potty! And where is the new picture of Miss Kate??

  3. Boy, I've seen him do that act so many times. Back in nine-five we didn't have stalls at the house and we were happy about it. In nine-four all we had were holes in the floor and a pitcher of water.