Saturday, March 10, 2007

"How You Are?"

This morning Kendall and I did a big grocery trip. I emailed Lorie to tell her that I would be at the store and to call me if she needed anything. Lorie recently had surgery and is pretty much stuck in bed. We did receive a call so on the way home we stopped at her house to drop of the goods. As we were getting out of the car Dani walks out onto the deck and yells "hi" to Kendall. Kendall looks up, gets excited and says, "Hi! How you are?" just as clear as day. We started to crack up! Kendall always has liked to say 'hi', actually it was her first word (to herself in the mirror). I always say hi back to her and then ask, "how are you?" Guess she got the words mixed up a little.


  1. No lie. I heard it from the house. PLAIN as day and SO cute!!!
    I must say she also spent Friday morning curled up with me on the bed for 2 hours and was an ANGEL! We had her little bag of toys and books. I read to her, she played, watched a LITTLE TV and was just so sweet!! John kept Ollie in the other room so he wouldn't bother us. I loved it!

  2. I loved it so much!!! I could not love her any more than I do but my heart just melted when she said that! It was so cute!!