Sunday, June 15, 2008

Random Randomness

Yesterday Kendall went to a birthday party at a firehouse with the Lories. It sounds like it was a fun filled day: they sat on a fire engine, watched a video, hit a pinata, ate cake...all the excitement left Kendall tuckered out so when Lorie got here I carried Kendall's car seat into the house with her still in it and just set it in the office for her to finish her nap (with her sucker still in her mouth). She woke up later and immediately smiled at me, realizing the humor of the situation. I unstrapped her and immediately started peppering her with questions about her experience, "Where did you go? Did you sit on a fire truck? Did you play with other kids?" Finally, I hit a question that broke her silence, "What did you see?" She broke out into a big grin and said one word, "Candy!" And she was right, when that pinata broke open Kendall hit the mother load. We have them arranged neatly in our ice cream glasses.

Today the girls and I got flowers for our hanging baskets.

Also, my hair is now long enough for a bun, yippee.

And finally, one of my favorite things. Summer afternoon, clean house, productive day, kids playing, dinner cooking. Life is good.

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