Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jersey Shore

We love Ocean City, it's the perfect family vacation. You can ride bikes or a surrey in the morning, grab some apple cider doughnuts (soooo good) or freshly squeezed lemonade. This year was extra special because Memaw AND some of our best friends all came as well. Gram, Pop, aunts, uncles, cousins were all there this year too.

Kate had an interesting way of transporting the water to her sand castle this year. Yes, that is a tablespoon and she took more then one trip to the ocean to sprinkle water on her creation.

Pop, Gram, Kim, Dan and Nicole all spent more then their fair share of time helping the girls "jump" waves. Aunt Kim took quite a spill with Kendall on the boogie board, Kim ended up with a stiff neck and Kendall still has a little bruise on the side of her face. 

Jack had a blast. I remember Kendall's first year in Ocean City, her feet wouldn't touch the ground. She spent all her time in SpongeBob chair not letting her feet touch the icky sand. Jack was a bit different. He was everywhere and into everything. He had to taste each bit of sand, crawl through the waves, check out every nook and cranny for something to get into.

He also took his first merry-go-round ride with Dad.

The girls ventured out of the kid's ride area and tried some of the bigger kids rides. The climb/slide "ride" was a new favorite.

And Gram even went so far as to ride the "belly ride" with the girls. Of course, I didn't get a picture of that. They're lucky that I didn't see the ride going before the got on or they wouldn't have been allowed on it. Basically they were laying on the stomach flying around in the air. Kendall and Kate BOTH loved it. Me, not so much and I only watched!

We also celebrated Gram and Pop's 40th anniversary while we were there!

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