Thursday, July 28, 2011

This is How We Do It - Mommy School Edition

We've hit the pause button on Mommy School this week since we've been in Vacation Bible School. The hiatus has given me time to 1) rethink how we've been doing it and improve 2) clean my house, but that's another post.

This summer I've made a weekly 'plan' and then both girls and I have sat down together. I've gone back and forth between the girls to explain their work. We've never been able to get the timing just right so someone was always waiting on me. We would end school with the girls feeling like they never had my attention and me feeling like I could pull my hair out.

Starting next week: I've pulled the entire weeks worth of work into one basket. Each girl has a file folder labeled Monday through Friday that contains all they need for the day, I even put a sheet of paper in the day that there is a "quiz" so that everything will be ready for them (Kendall gets quizzed on site words). I like this idea because now if we decide to have school at the library or outside I can just grab the day's folders instead of finding all the workbooks or papers that we'll need. The basket will also hold any supplies that we need for the week as well as "busy work" which I'll detail below.

First we'll sit down to work on a project together, I have a lesson planned that is age appropriate for both girls (this week we're learning about maps, map symbols, and directions). Once we've finished that for the day one girl will work on busy work and the other will have Mommy School, then we'll switch.

The basket holds some general busy things: a new $1 section puzzle, a Highlights magazine that they haven't looked at yet as well as some things that will switch each day.
Monday - a new drawing book with paper, colored pencils...
Tuesday - sewing basket: yarn, plastic needles and other sewing gear.
Wednesday - farm stuff: a wooden farm that the girls love mainly because I don't take it out often
Thursday - large paper to draw roads and bldgs on and cars to drive through their city
Friday - play doh, google eyes, pipe cleaners and Dr Seuss books for inspiration

I'm really hoping our new system will help me give each girl some one on one attention.

PS The girls are in Vacation Bible School and their preschool teacher and principal are both teaching there (it's not at their preschool they just happen to attend the church where VBS is held). Kate's teacher mentioned that they like to reorganize and change up the preschool room every year. This is the room that helped to sell me on the school (among other reasons) it is FUN! I really had to restrain myself to keep from begging to be allowed to come help! Is there a "teachers planner" job? I would like that part, the room and activity planning.


  1. Yes! Busy work is essential! A dry erase board and some cars keep Noah happy for quite a while. :)

    I'm almost sure someone at Kendall's new school would let you come in and help set up the rooms!

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