Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wishin and Hopin

We have a big birthday coming up! After a lot of nagging by me, Jack finally made a wish list. He has just been too busy trying to climb the stairs, learning to wave, play patty cake and saying "All gone" (which actually sounds more like "ahhh gah"). Anyway, I was able to pin him down and bribe him with pieces of my breakfast, lunch and dinner long enough to gather a few suggestions from him, phew.

This Radio Flyer Walker Wagon great for the toddler on the move. He pictures himself pushing trucks around and maybe terrorizing his sisters with this.

This Car Box Set because a boy can never have too many cars, especially ones he can tote around.

Car Carrier. I'm beginning to see a theme here.
Jack would really love a Tee from Honey Bee Tees, he thinks their stuff is cool (and the girls that make these shirts are pretty cute too). I think his favorite is the long sleeve bird dog shirt in size 2.

 for the record Kendall and Kate's favorite is the Just Crusin pink shirt (size 4 & 5).

He has been giving some thought to his fall and winter wardrobe lately, you know these Paper Chick boys they're into looking snazzy. Jack has declared that Gap is his current clothing line of choice and he is really disappointed that Crewcuts isn't making clothes in his size right now. That doesn't stop him from wearing his "Jack of all trades" Crewcuts shirt though.

At this point of the wish list idea exchange I ran out of food and Jack went silent. The boy sure does love to eat, no amount of snuggle promises or attacks kisses from his sisters could get him to offer any more suggestions. Pity, he seems to have good taste for an almost one year old!

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