Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The Basement has three different sections. The toys are all on one side. 

In the middle section is this little homework station. In the summer we open this table to do Mommy School. All our workbooks and learning stuff that we use goes here.

I love these little baskets. They're filled with letters stamps and ink pads, dry erase boards, lined paper, dominos and big dice (how do you spell the plural form of dice?), flash cards, letter tiles, all kind of fun stuff.

Finally the man cave section of the basement. This is where Brian spends his time :)

Brian does not sort his books by color. He has this crazy idea of dividing them by subject, I wouldn't be surprised if they were also alphabetical by author. You know I have no say of how those book cases are arranged.

I'll spare you the room beyond that door. It's a huge unfinished area used for storage.

So there it is. Now when my memory or my kid's memories start to fade we can see exactly what it looked like :)

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  1. After about 3 seconds of research, I found:

    Dice is plural; die is singular

    Learn something every day!! I didn't know either.

    I miss you and I will miss your BEAUTIFUL home once you're gone! The chitlins will be thankful you were so amazing as to record it for them. Love you! Al