Sunday, November 20, 2011

This House

I have a crush on my house, a house crush if you will. Did I ever record the story of finding this house? Brian and I made 2 or 3 trips to this sleepy little town during our house search. We must have looked at 48 houses and all I went home with was the realization that people don't take care of their houses. I went back home and Brian continued to work here, I received daily emails with houses as they came on the market. One morning this house showed up in my inbox. I immediately called Brian, "this is the ONE, this is it, go get this house!" The sellers were going on vacation the next day and hadn't wanted it on the market until they got back, our realtor did some persuading and got Brian in that night. We had an offer in before they left the next morning. They also had a back up offer.

The first time I saw this house was the day we moved in. Brian had sent millions of pictures, drawn floor plans, went to the inspection, had a power of attorney at the closing....I walked in on moving day. Brian has great taste, I trusted him completely. When we first moved in I felt like it was massive (around 3800 sq ft) but now it's just normal, it's comfortable and the space is so well laid out that it's all space that we use.

We've been here three years and have finally hung some stuff on the walls. Why did we finally hang stuff? Well, because we're moving. Despite my love affair with this house I'm ridiculously excited about the next step. This move is great for Brian's career and great for our family, I can't wait really. And the next house we plan on hanging stuff on the walls immediately, ha.

So, I've set out to record this house. While Jack is too small to have any memories of this house Kendall and Kate certainly will. This may take awhile, I've taken a TON of photos. Maybe we can divide it up, one level each day?

Our front porch, I love the coffered ceiling, brick porch and walkway, square columns. She looks good filled with mums and gourds in the fall.

The foyer. Directly in front of the staircase is one of two half baths on this level. To the left, a coat closet. This house has ridiculous closets, lots of storage. I don't think I'll ever have another house that can match this one in storage space.
Straight ahead you'll see the bar and the kitchen but to the left is...

Formal living room. This room has one of two wood burning fire places and three big windows. This room has hosted Easter mornings, and birthday parties. Our Christmas tree goes in this room and I love to come in at night, pull the drapes closed and sit on the couch to watch the twinkle lights. Jack likes to sneak in here to bang on the glass tabletops and walk into the fireplace. 

Connected to the living room is the dining room. Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner is hosted here. Peek through that door and you'll see the eat in portion of the kitchen.

We're back in the foyer with a look into the dry bar.

We have a moving company to move our stuff and we'll be flying to our new home. This means that all the liquids (ahem, alcohol) and food have to be consumed or disposed of. Notice the lack of wine in the wine rack. 
Directly in front of the bar are the steps to the basement. Basement is for another post.

Standing in the dry bar looking into the kitchen.

These open shelves vexed me for awhile. I've always liked them but strugled with styling them.  As time has gone on I've added layers and I'm really happy with how they look. Especially that cow creamer, moooo.

What's for dinner? Well, honestly not much lately.

I can watch the kids play through here. Or at night we can set our empty popcorn bowl up there on the ledge so we don't have to get off the couch. :) Sometimes we turn the TV on to the kids music station and have little dance parties while I cook dinner.

Through the kitchen to the family room, pass that to find the mud room and then waaaay in the back there is the other half bath. I think it's safe to call this Kate's bathroom. She may be the only one that uses it.
The mudroom has a large closet with shelves and hooks. You can come straight in from the garage and hang your back pack up. That's a nice idea but let's be honest,  usually the back pack, coat and shoes are strewn out between door and kitchen. I had big dreams of turning that closet into one of those "lockers" with bench and hooks. My dream was shot down and replaced by new siding and a big ol deck. 

Family room.

Behind the brown chair are big french doors leading to the deck. As soon as it starts to get dark out I love to pull those curtains closed. The room feels so cozy all closed up for the night.

I think I need some colorful pillows here. Brian hates lots of pillows. We've cleared things off a lot, you can tell by the empty mantel and side tables.

 The mantel used to hold a collection of black and white family pictures. 
Now is has a big green mossy ball and a white pineapple. Everyone needs a big green mossy ball, I think.

See that little kid's table over there, HOURS have been spent there. Usually it's absolutely covered in various papers, Jack even climbs on one of the chairs and colors.
Those french doors lead to my office. So nice to be on the main floor.

Not a good shot but currently the pinboard holds a book page wreath. Such an empty little pinboard.

Green binders are the Russel and Hazel binders, I highly recommend. The red clock is IKEA and opens up to hold some sewing supplies. Oh look, I can put more pillows here ;)

And that's it for the first level. Next time we'll head upstairs.

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  1. Yay, love it! I barely spent any time in this house, but I already miss it. :(