Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Deck

You may remember the original deck shown in Kendall's old birthday photos. It was a great deck with planters surrounding the perimeter that we planted our veggie garden in each year. We loved the layout but it was original to the house and falling apart. the planters also took up a LOT of square footage. The current deck is the same size but taking out the planters gave us a lot of outside living space.

We added a bench and a fire pit. Our original plan was to use stone and a stone fire pit or chimney on the lower level. The week we tore the old deck out we found out we were moving so we decided to go the less expensive route and stick to all wood.
Our poor yard took a beating and has been seeded.

In the below photo you can see the little bench nook that we had added in. The fire pit is now sitting in front of that bench.

Where the grill is now used to be one huge planter. The door that you see there leads to the mudroom, great for when the kids come in from playing.

We made all the steps leading off the deck (two different sets) six feet wide, they were narrow on the old deck.

The bench seat opens up for storage.

The "before pictures were in the spring so these after pictures have an unfair advantage, ha.

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