Sunday, September 02, 2012

Everyday Love

This summer Lorie was here for a visit, she is SO good about always taking pictures of our family. I love having the portraits of my kids growing up but my favorites are always the everyday, candid shots.  Actually, I also love that I get to have some pictures with my family since I'm usually the one behind the camera. This summer we visited the pool A LOT, Kendall and Kate's swimming really improved and Jack was the easiest pool goer ever.
Kendall loves being a big sister, here she is using some of our swim lesson techniques to help Kate.

I'm sure you can guess how well this little trick was received.
Sometimes a little time out was necessary. LOVE this stink eye from across the pool.

This is how I spent a lot of the summer. I would sit in the very shallow end and Jack would sit next to me pouring water back and forth in buckets....for hours. He's so easy, he has spoiled me, hopefully next summer he will be as good :)

This is the last weekend our neighborhood pool is open, we actually haven't been in a couple of weeks but we may have to make one last trip.

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