Tuesday, September 04, 2012

It's All Routine to Me

So after a yummy dinner, and some outside playing, it's time for bedtime routine. My kids go to bed prettttty early. We've tried later bedtimes but they wake up early anyway so we stick to what works. On weekends and during the summer we will sometimes stay out later to play but for the most part my kids are in bed by 7:00. The girls are allowed to read until 8 but they always opt to go straight to sleep!

I've blogged similar pictures before. I love these bedtime routine pictures. 

He is always so happy to throw away his old diaper.
More pouring water back and forth
I love this picture, the way he's smiling up at me. I know there will be a day that he doesn't look at me quite the same!
Both of my girls have snugglies that are stuffed animals, Jack prefers his blanket.
Daddy always comes in to kiss him while we read a story, say a prayer and sing a couple songs.
See that brown dot on his foot? That's not a bruise, it's a tan line from his pool shoes :) Jack has never been much of a cryer at bedtime. He goes to bed at 7 then sleeps until 7 or 8. We took his pacifier about a month ago and now he'll talk in his bed for awhile, sometimes he yells for me but he doesn't really cry. Honestly I don't mind going in there when it's quiet and dark. He snuggles me in his chair and we talk for about five minutes then he goes down without a peep. He always asks in his sweet little voice, "Sissy night night? Daddy night night??" over and over until he is completely convinced that he isn't missing out on anything.

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