Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Routine to Me Part II

The girl's bath routine isn't exactly routine anymore. Sometimes Kendall showers by herself, sometimes with Kate, sometimes they have a bath...just depends on the night and their mood. This night they opted for a bubble bath together. You know how baths are supposed to calm kids? Well, that doesn't happen here, it's gets mine all riled up.

This little boat has a story of its own, it's a story that I'll save for another time but the short version is that my engagement ring was delivered on it, now my kids play with it.
My sweet little brown babies, the summer was good to us.
I do love these sweet girls. 
This is Kendall's "bunny" he has been around awhile and has had a few surgeries and some serious love in his life.
Some last minute rowdiness with Dad then the girls and I read a story from the Bible together. Afterwards Kendall heads to her room for a book with Dad and Kate and I read together. Each girl says their prayers and have a couple of songs before the lights go out.
The girls always hug before bed, actually Kate is quite adamant that Kendall NOT kiss her. I guess she was feeling generous this night with the camera there.
Oh this arm around the neck snuggle. I can't handle it, I dread the day that these little squeezes stop.
They're prayers are always the sweetest. They pray for Shirley in Peru (Compassion International), they had a long list of things they are thankful for: Daddy's job, our house, good neighbors....sweet little voices being thankful.

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  1. I know I took these pictures, but looking at these posts makes me miss these kiddos so much. It seems like so long ago that I saw them.
    I wish I had these kind of everyday pics of my kids. I think they would enjoy remembering what there normal everyday lives were like.
    We will document their kids lives just like this!
    Give them all a kiss from ME!!