Friday, September 07, 2012

Sneak Peek

I've been reminded that we are long overdue some new house decorating updates. I'm almost ready, really I'm ALMOST READY to provide those. Until here are just a few little teasers.

Trestle table love.

The LONG searched for antiqued mirrors in mirror frames. Yes, that's a fall pumpkin, it's September don't judge. I love fall.

The most beautiful reclaimed wood art. These puppies weigh 20 pounds or so each (?) and we have four of these beauties. I would love to know where all of the wood came from. Some looks like it may have been in a fire, others you can tell have had hinges or other hardware attached. Gorgeous and big 2 feet by 2 feet each.

So that will have to due for now. Have to get some of these things hung on the wall and styled then I'll be back with a more detailed post

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