Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Look, a Cute Binky!

Here are a couple pics from Sunday morning. I pulled out one of the old binkies to see if Kendall would take it and amazingly she did (for a very short while). Actually, I think that it is too short because it keeps popping out of her mouth. She even sported a stylish ponytail for a little while!

I have a haircut appointment tomorrow and I'm one of those people that gets really excited over haircuts. The anticipation gets my blood flowing and when I get home I like people (Brian) to make a big deal out of it (hint, hint honey). My least favorite comment is, "I can't tell you got it cut." That comment is right up there with, "Don't you have another pair of shoes (or purse) just like that?"


  1. How did the second art show go?

  2. love her ponytail!!! too cute!

  3. You look so skinny! Way to go.