Sunday, December 04, 2005

Office Envy

I'm really wanting to organize my studio. I've been browsing the 2peas website looking at other peoples space and I have to keep chanting to myself, "Do not covet your neighbors studio space, do not covet your neighbors studio space." Note: in Boston after I would park my car and start the one mile trek through the three feet of snow to our apartment I would have to chant, "Do not covet your neighbor's driveway." But, back to studio spaces. Here is one that I really love...
However, my husband doesn't want to paint the walls or put in a nail for a shelf so I think that this won't be a possibility. I've given him until Christmas (well really until we know for sure that we won't be moving) and then I am going to start painting.

I'm so exhausted, Kendall has had two bad sleeping nights so I have been a complete grump today. Tomorrow will be crazy busy with lots of errands to run but hopefully we'll have a good nights rest tonight to prepare for the mayhem, ha.

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  1. What, you don't covet MY space? humph!