Friday, February 10, 2006

Beauty is in the eye of the mother.

I saw a link to this site on another blog. It's the (somewhat) new ad campaign for Dove. In the bottom left corner there is a link to a commercial with little girls in it that seriously brought tears to my eyes. Females are really critical of the way they look and since I have become a mother to a little girl I've started to look at other women and myself differently(actually I think I look at EVERYTHING differently). I can't imagine looking at Kendall and ever seeing anything but beautiful and I hate to think that she may some day look at herself and not feel that way.

We had her nine month checkup today. She has dropped in her weight percentile. Solution: feed her less frequently. Evidently she is snacking and so I'm supposed to feed her less often so she will eat more. We're going to start hanging out with Anna (see "Sprout's Spot" blog on right) more so hopefully Kendall will pick up on her appetite, ha.
Actually, we did go to lunch with Anna and her mom, Jennie, yesterday. I think that Kendall may take a little bit after Brian because she was a little quiet and just enjoyed watching Anna talk. I did realize that I have become the woman that as a waitress I dreaded seeing walk into a restaurant. There is a look of dread that crosses their faces when you walk in with a baby & fruit puffs. The table has to be artfully arranged with everything just out of reach from said baby and the floor has to be shop-vac'd upon our exit. I did attempt to pick up the majority of those soggy fruit puffs off the ground and luckily the glass that Kendall managed to get her tiny fist around did not break and it was "half empty". All and all we had a very fun time though. It's nice to talk to someone that is going through the same craziness that I am. The whole episode just reminds me of my new favorite line, "Life will never be the same" but as Martha would say, "It's a good thing"


  1. Hmmm, I believe I know who is responsible for most of those puffs, and it's not Kendall! I think she was being sweet and well behaved...she just looked quiet next to Wild Dolphin Girl :)

    And don't you know that the Dove commercial is way too much for us perpetually emotional mothers?!?!

  2. Both your babies are too too cute. That commercial was first played during the super bowl. It is very powerful!! I agree.. it hurts when your kids don't have the self esteem they should. The bad thing is, you can try to raise them as confident self assured young ladies and they STILL have doubts. I guess most of us girls are all alike. We have our insecurities.