Monday, February 27, 2006

"This Isn't Mine"

Note: "Cheeky" picture was stolen fair and square from her Aunt Lorie's blog.

So I went to pick up Kendall from the nursery on Sunday and they tried to give me the wrong baby. I said, "this isn't mine" and so she yells to the other parents, "Kendall?" (as if she is holding Kendall and just needs to find the corresponding parent) so I respond, "Mine's name is Kendall but that one says Hayley" (really the name Hayley looks a lot like Kendall so I can understand the mix up). She goes back in and gets the real Kendall (not the Kendall imposter) and comes back, she actually had the nerve to say, "we would have caught it when we checked the security numbers." What!?!?!?! Like I wouldn't have caught it when I looked at the kid!? Or that I would actually try to take someone else's!?! Hmmmm, this one looks like she might sleep through the night, we'll take her instead. Oh brother.

Seriously, I have much respect for the nursery workers. I think that the babies have this crying chain reaction thing going on usually so I don't blame them for the brain malfunction.

This is an old picture of Kendall (with her cute cousin Dani) but I'm posting it because she is just getting SO BIG and I like to look at her little girl pictures sometime :)


  1. That is too funny. I might have complained if you tried to give me a different niece. I will only accept this Kendall!!! What a riot. Of course, Mom was given the wrong baby in the hospital and they came and took it away and gave her the "right" baby. Good thing Greg looks like a Kelly or we might wonder.

  2. That is an awesome story. I also love the cheeky picture. Those are some fantastic cheeks.