Thursday, March 30, 2006

Life is So Good

Pictures courtesy of Aunt Lorie
Warm weather today...puts me in such a good mood.
Cleaned up the that feeling of accomplishment.
Got mail...not magazines but notes so even better.
Browsed the new stuff at Target...I'll just say again that is the greatest store.
Picked up some supplies for my online class...what could be better?
Kendall has been so good today...I have the BEST girl in the world.
Going for a walk with Karin this afternoon...really appreciating that I have good friends lately.

Missing my hubby though...I love him


  1. I told you to borrow my camera. I will find a pic to post and send it to you!!

  2. haha, i didnt know we captured the lips on camera! i still laugh every time she does it...yet it still doesnt mess up any of her cuteness! i love you!

  3. These are some of my favorite pictures yet! I miss my girls!

  4. ha ha.. too funny Brian. I will have to look for some more!!

  5. By the way, Lorie says "too funny" because Brian says that about every set of pictures we show him!

  6. I love the lip things! What a cute face!

  7. Love the pics. I hope to see you guys soon! I have SPRING BREAK coming up over Easter...btw...