Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thanksgiving and Hives

Here are a few pics from our Thanksgiving. Brian's co-op Krisztina and her husband Tamash came to experience a little of our American holiday. It was so interesting talking to them about the difference of our cultures (they are from Budapest).

A couple days ago Kendall had something that caused her to break out in a couple of hive marks (I seriously mean a couple at the most four). She had some of my bread from a peanut butter sandwich that may have been the problem or it could have been the raisins she had from my trail mix since they probably had nut and seed 'stuff' on them. Well, in the past she has gotten these same marks from Benedryl (for cold symptoms). I went to the store and bought a different type of Benedryl thinking that it may have been the 'allergy' component of ours (cause really, who is allergic to Benedryl?). Well, yesterday the hives had spread to her torso and arms so I called the doctor and even though I expressed my concern they suggested the Benedryl. This morning it was all over her face too. We made a special trip to the pediatrician and they have prescribed her something different and want to do allergy testing on her when this is all cleared. Poor little Bug. She isn't behaving differently (maybe a little clingy) just looks pretty awful. This morning when she woke up she saw the Christmas tree with the lights for the first time. My plan was that she and I would add the ornaments, she liked the ornaments all right but she really just wanted to pull them all out of the box. Her favorite new accessory was the basket of old cards from friends and family, especially the photo cards, "BABY, DOG...."

We did finish the tree but the act of decorating has kind of made a mess so I'm going to go try to clean up a bit before Kendall wakes up!


  1. Bless her heart. I hope the hives leave quickly. I also hope she isn't allergic to very many things. What an absolute cutie! By the way the thanksgiving spread looks great! Love, Kim

  2. Thanks Kim, It's so funny that you said that because I was just thinking to myself that I have never said "Bless your heart" more then I have in the past 24 hours!!