Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ah, Productivity *Updated*

This picture would probably make my husband cringe but honestly I smile everytime I look at my desk. My work surface is a disastor but I have had a lot of creative energy lately and I'm feeling good about what I have accomplished. I have only one layout left to do in my clients most current album and I've made the cutest little gift card holders for Christmas gifts. You may wonder what the amazing hive girl was doing during all this creativity? Well, messing up my previously organized buttons of course. Looking forward to the day when I can set her down with a table of play-doh, of course by then baby number two will be fascinated by my stuff. Do you realize that next year at Christmas I'll have a 2.5 year old and an 8 month old!?!? Crazy, crazy, crazy. Pictures of my oh so cute little bags to come. **Updated to show bags** Oh, also wanted to include this picture to show that my little helper also likes to clean up. Give the girl a sponge and she wipes everything!


  1. Mommy share!!!!!! I love the mess. How else can you be creative? Ron would have a fit too.

  2. i love seeing your office full of awesome colors and patterns! Poor little Kendall with the hives. That must STINK!