Monday, February 27, 2006

"This Isn't Mine"

Note: "Cheeky" picture was stolen fair and square from her Aunt Lorie's blog.

So I went to pick up Kendall from the nursery on Sunday and they tried to give me the wrong baby. I said, "this isn't mine" and so she yells to the other parents, "Kendall?" (as if she is holding Kendall and just needs to find the corresponding parent) so I respond, "Mine's name is Kendall but that one says Hayley" (really the name Hayley looks a lot like Kendall so I can understand the mix up). She goes back in and gets the real Kendall (not the Kendall imposter) and comes back, she actually had the nerve to say, "we would have caught it when we checked the security numbers." What!?!?!?! Like I wouldn't have caught it when I looked at the kid!? Or that I would actually try to take someone else's!?! Hmmmm, this one looks like she might sleep through the night, we'll take her instead. Oh brother.

Seriously, I have much respect for the nursery workers. I think that the babies have this crying chain reaction thing going on usually so I don't blame them for the brain malfunction.

This is an old picture of Kendall (with her cute cousin Dani) but I'm posting it because she is just getting SO BIG and I like to look at her little girl pictures sometime :)

Friday, February 24, 2006

Customer Service

I call Michaels:
me: May I speak to someone in the scrapbooking section?
them: Yes, one second.
tic, toc, tic, toc...(I'm thinking of the lecture I will receive on using too many cell phone minutes)
them: I can help you
me: I'm looking for top loading, 12x12 page protectors for strap hinge albums, do you have any?
them: yes, we have those
me: the top loading kind?
them: yes
me: great, thank you!
I load the infant unwillingly into the carseat, drive my gas guzzling SUV to Michaels, take pity on the infant and take her out of the car seat to sit in the "big girl" stroller, and trek into Michaels. BUT I don't find what I'm looking for. I do however find the exact guy I had spoke to earlier.
me: excuse me, could you help me? I spoke to you just a minute ago I'm looking for the top loading 12x12 page protectors for the strap hinge albums
them: sure, here they are
me: oh, these are slide on not top loading
them: oh, you want top loading
me: (grinding my teeth) yes.
them: sorry, we don't have those, I'm sorry
me: it's okay I drag myself out to the car, put the now heart broken infant back into the torturous car seat and drive my gas guzzling SUV back home.

Really it's not 'okay' why did I say it was?? Because he said he was sorry, and I actually believed him.

Note: All comments now have to be approved by me due to a mean stranger leaving inappropriate messages.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

So This is Love

Just when I think I couldn't love her any more....the sun goes down, the sun comes up.....then I do.

Note: we had a cookie before bathtime today.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More BC pictures

Jenn just sent me her BC pictures and hers are so much better then mine, here is a sampling:

Kendall and Trevor show the Wilkeys who is boss

Sara and Kendall
Jeff and Justin (they say they didn't plan this)

Ladonna and Kendall, Ladonna and Matt, Matt and Kendall
Kendall and Trevor play peek-a-boo over the banister.
Matt and Justin catch a quick cuddle on the couch

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Movin' Along, Singing a Song

Kendall is learning to crawl! Right now she resembles an inchworm but there is definite movement happening. Also, her second tooth popped through.

On another note. How do I not love Brown County? I hate thee because you cause 'hot tub foliculitis.' Yep, that is right, out of the eight people that spent time in the hot tub I am the one that got the bacteria that is trying to eat away at my flesh. Okay, maybe that is a little bit of an over exaggeration but it certainly seems that way. I'm on a low grade antibiotic (since I'm still nursing) but if it doesn't improve by the end of the week I have to stop nursing and get a stronger med. Oh boy, this will be fun!

Hopefully more BC pictures to come.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

BC06 How Do I Love Thee? Let me Count The Ways...

I love thee because we have amazing dinners prepared by Chef Matt accompanied by amazing wine provided by our maitre D Jeff.

I love thee because we can be attacked, I mean awakened by our friends.

I love thee because we can go from a dip in the huge hot TUB straight into a game of extreme ping pong

I love thee because the boys somehow manage to simultaneously entertain themselves with incredibly long games of Risk as well as keep the babies occupied (see Kendall hanging in the background).

Seriously this is just the tip of the iceberg of pictures. More to come. This cabin will go down in Brown County history as one of the best. I had such a good time I didn't want it to end. Lots of good food, good talks, good chocolate (thanks LaDonna), well just good everything. Jenn, LaDonna, and I created a new form of ping pong where the ball is played regardless of what it bounces off of. We were leaping over babies, climbing under tables...It was so much fun. I could go on and on, can we do it again next weekend?

Kendall was terrific and managed to stay on a good schedule (except for the 2am 'play time' she felt she was entitled to). Since we have been home she has decided she wants to crawl and is inch worming herself across the floor now. Hopefully she'll become more coordinated as the week progresses.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Going "camping"

Here is my tent. Have a good weekend. I'll have lots of pictures on Monday.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Love Day

Sisters L to R: Lorie, Sara, Kristy, Nancy, me

Three Generations

Brian and I
Tonight on my way home from my hair appointment I heard this song (and started crying). It got me thinking about love in all its forms.

She's never pulled anyone from a burning building
She's never rocked Central Park to a half a million fans, screaming out her name
She's never hit a shot to win the game
She's never left her footprints on the moon
She's never made a solo hot air balloon ride, around the world,
No, she's just your everyday average girl (but)

She's somebody's hero
A hero to her baby with a skinned up knee
A little kiss is all she needs
The keeper of the cheerios
The voice that brings Snow White to life
Bedtime stories every night
And that smile lets her know
She's somebody's hero

She didn't get a check every week like a nine-to fiver
But she's been a waiter, and a cook and a taxi driver
For twenty years, there at home, until the day her girl was grown
Giving all her love to her was her life's ambition
But now her baby's movin' on, and she'll soon be missin' her
But not today, those are tears of joy runnin' down her face

She's somebody's hero
A hero to her daughter in her wedding dress
She gave her wings to leave the nest
It hurts to let her baby go down the aisle she walks right by
Looks back into her mother's eyes
And that smile lets her know
She's somebody's hero

Thirty years have flown right past
Her daughters' starin' at all the photographs
Of her mother, and she wishes she could be like that
Oh, but she already is

She's somebody's hero
A hero to her mother in a rockin' chair
She runs a brush through her silver hair
The envy of the nursing home
She drops by every afternoon
Feeds her mama with a spoon
And that smile lets her know
Her mother's smile lets her know
She's somebody's hero

Monday, February 13, 2006

Anatomy of a Sunday

Can I just say that I love "Grey's Anatomy." I don't want to sound like a TV-aholic but if I had to give up every other show just to watch that one, I would. I really like how it asks important questions and how you can find the threads of different ideas woven through an episode from the beginning to the end.

Lorie took some really cutie patootie pictures of Kendall yesterday, here are a few of my favorites.

I'm really looking forward to Brown County this weekend. Ready to hang out with the girls, make up for some missed hot tub time last year (pregnant), and to kick some bootie in a few games.

Note: I've been trying to add these pictures since last night but the blog system was merphed up.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Completely forgot to mention the exciting news. Ya know the "job interview" that I went on a couple weeks ago, well I got the job. I'm scrapbooking (about 5-6 albums) for my client. Super cool, especially since I charge per page. I'm currently working on her travel album and have about 15 pages completed. I'm estimating about 40ish more for this album and then I still have to do her daughters and her family album (the family album has enough pictures to fill about at least three albums)

Super excited, I'm getting paid to be creative! Love it!

Beauty is in the eye of the mother.

I saw a link to this site on another blog. It's the (somewhat) new ad campaign for Dove. In the bottom left corner there is a link to a commercial with little girls in it that seriously brought tears to my eyes. Females are really critical of the way they look and since I have become a mother to a little girl I've started to look at other women and myself differently(actually I think I look at EVERYTHING differently). I can't imagine looking at Kendall and ever seeing anything but beautiful and I hate to think that she may some day look at herself and not feel that way.

We had her nine month checkup today. She has dropped in her weight percentile. Solution: feed her less frequently. Evidently she is snacking and so I'm supposed to feed her less often so she will eat more. We're going to start hanging out with Anna (see "Sprout's Spot" blog on right) more so hopefully Kendall will pick up on her appetite, ha.
Actually, we did go to lunch with Anna and her mom, Jennie, yesterday. I think that Kendall may take a little bit after Brian because she was a little quiet and just enjoyed watching Anna talk. I did realize that I have become the woman that as a waitress I dreaded seeing walk into a restaurant. There is a look of dread that crosses their faces when you walk in with a baby & fruit puffs. The table has to be artfully arranged with everything just out of reach from said baby and the floor has to be shop-vac'd upon our exit. I did attempt to pick up the majority of those soggy fruit puffs off the ground and luckily the glass that Kendall managed to get her tiny fist around did not break and it was "half empty". All and all we had a very fun time though. It's nice to talk to someone that is going through the same craziness that I am. The whole episode just reminds me of my new favorite line, "Life will never be the same" but as Martha would say, "It's a good thing"

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Real "Little Mermaid"

Kendall cried this morning when she woke up from her nap. The crying sounded a little more frantic then usual so I went to investigate and found this....(both legs in one pant-leg).

During swim lessons I was calling her 'my little mermaid', I guess she took me seriously.

You can also see her little tooth.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

She Wore An Itsy Bitsy, Teeny Weeny...

So the Gap and Old Navy were out of the swim suits that we wanted so Kendall wore this daring off the shoulder number today in her first swim lesson. She wanted to wear the pink cowgirl boots with it but she & I decided that it might impede her kicking. She kicked, splashed, attempted to blow bubbles and even jumped through pink hula hoops. All that hard work tuckered her out and she had a good little nap afterwards.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Shake Your Groove Thing

Here is Kendall trying to fly. Actually, this is her new favorite activity....Shaking her arms. She does this to toys and she does it when she dances. I think that she gets this from her dad, he only moves his arms when he dances too. I love these little tights, they were on clearance at the GAP for $3. They are size 12-18 months but I can't resist putting her in them anyway.

Here she is playing with her two favorite toys. Toy a) (between her feet) is her lotion, toy b) (in her hand) is her Altoid tin filled with beads. I even bought her a cute little tambourine that jingles when you shake it but she prefers my homemade inventions.

This final picture is in the gym nursery. She was happily playing by herself in their Exersaucer until she saw me. Glad to see you too honey.