Sunday, January 14, 2007

Cheers Me Up

So Kendall and I are officially on our own now. It was so sad to drop Brian off at the airport this morning, we were all a little quiet and Kendall started crying when we pulled away from the airport without Brian. She keeps asking about him here at home too. So us girls needed a little cheering up and decided to stop at one of my all time favorite places, Whole Foods. When you are in that store you just feel like everything is well in the world. It is just so darn pretty and healthy looking and everyone is incredibly nice in there! Makes you want to eat healthy and drive a Volvo station wagon. If I picture my ideal me I'm a Whole Foods shopper driving a Volvo. We got a few special things like fully cooked sushi (to have for lunch) and Italian soda (I love these thanks to my friend Sarah and always want them when I'm pregnant). I got a French baguette to dip into my yummy sun-dried tomato vinegar and garlic oil from my super cute sister Sara. Also in the cute little cart were delicious strawberries and orzo pasta. Really the soda was the only thing that I had to buy there but I really just wanted to experience the store. Such a happy, organized, and beautiful place.

We miss you!

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  1. Ashley -
    what are your plans this weekend? Want to come for a visit? I could come there too... I have to pick up justin from the airport on Sunday am, but otherwise I'm free!!!