Friday, January 26, 2007

Dancing Queen

Long time no blogy. Brian is still out of town so I'm a little behind on emails and other computer stuff. Kendall has had both really good days and some really bad days. She was terrific on my birthday though! Her "bad" days aren't that she is being bad really but just that she is clingy. After consulting with other moms and Brian we decided that I will just snuggle as much as I can with her now because very soon I wont have that luxury. Actually, since I have been an unconditional snuggler her clinginess has been turned down a bit!

Last night we went to a sock hop thrown by the preschool where Lorie works. Kendall tried out some new break dancing moves on the floor and she also decided to like to dance on a platform (stadium steps) so that everyone could get a good look at her hip moves. All day today she has been saying, "Lorie, dance dance dance" she obviously had a fun time and is associating dancing with Lorie now.

Today we went to the Gap Outlet with Jennie and Anna. We found some maternity clothes and a couple of things for baby Kate. Their 18-24 month selection was pitiful for the little ladies and Kendall only got a knitted winter hat (she loves hats and will carry them around the house taking them on and off).
I had a fantastic birthday. I have such great gals here. Karin and Bailey took Kendall and me to Cheesecake Factory the night before my b-day and Lorie took me out last night. Jennie brought me the cutest stationery set today and I received so many nice emails, calls, cards and packages. I feel so blessed and loved!!
The last couple of days I've been feeling the uncomfortableness of pregnancy really set in, a lot of back pain and even contractions in the middle of the night (that shouldn't happen!!). Ironic that Kendall's clinginess coincides with my big belly and general fatigue! Well, off to do a little picking up and then I'm going to crash!!

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  1. man, justin and i feel like poo heads. HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY ASHLEY!!! WE LOVE YOU!!! we'll be at BC07 in no time!!! ;-)