Sunday, June 17, 2007


He speaks in coos and babbles

He takes his Little Bug to the playground

He sits on the floor and becomes the playground

He goes on bike rides

He gets up with Kendall on the weekend

He changes diapers

He cleans up messy hands after meals of macaroni

He plays on the floor

He works hard so that "His Girls" can all be home together

He brings home Happy Meal toys

He makes sacrifices so that we can get things he knows that I or Kendall wants

He gives up his much needed alone time to have daddy/daughter time

He and Kendall have their own special times like getting the paper and getting comfortable after work

He loves

He is loved

Happy Daddy Day to the best daddy around, we miss you


  1. His great dadness is partially credited to me... he used to "coo and babble" to me, clean my hands after eating turkey roll ups, I made him play on the floor because the chairs were filled with dirty laundry, and I won't say there was diaper changing but there was the mysterious underwear incident of nine-five.

  2. I loved her first
    I held her first
    And a place in my heart
    Will always be hers
    From the first breath she breathed
    When she first smiled at me
    I knew the love of a father runs deep

  3. Hey Justin, Wasn't there a mysterious underwear incident in oh-two as well? During Brian's bachelor weekend in Panama City? I'm not familiar with the nine-five incident but it sounds as if there are way too many of these things occurring when you guys are together.

  4. Oh all the lovely Father's day poetry! Beautiful. Sorry Justin had to ruin it all. :-)

    Sorry we got cut off on the phone earlier. Silly cell phones.

    Talk to you soon...