Tuesday, June 26, 2007

"Swim Like a Fish"

Kendall started swim lessons this week. She keeps telling us that she can "swim like a fish" now. She was great at splashing and even put her mouth under to blow bubbles but she hated the climbing out. She would scream as soon as I let go. Hands on...smiling, hands off: "NOOOOO", hands on...smiling, hands off: "NOOOO". I couldn't help but laugh.

If you ask her what her nickname is now she'll tell you "Missy Moo". I don't know why I started calling her that but she loves it and sometimes even calls me Missy Moo. Kate is sometimes Sissy Lou and sometimes Birdy now. Buggy/Birdy or Missy Moo/Sissy Lou.

I think that I have the two sweetest girls in existence. Kendall is so lovey and sweet and always wants to love and kiss on us (especially Kate) and she likes to give Eskimo kisses now. She is a great big sister already. She is so funny because she likes things to be neat a lot of the time. She'll take off her shoes and put them on the stairs to go up and if we are anywhere and there is trash on the ground she'll point and say "uh-oh" over and over again. However, if there is food on the ground she wants to eat it. Luckily for me she asks permission first, she'll pull dried old peas out of her booster seat and bring it to me, "bite???" No that is dirty. "Throw it way" And Kate seriously is so happy all the time. Even when she is sad she can't decide if she wants to laugh or cry. Every night I stay up as late as I possibly can so I can feed her one last time (sadly this is usually only about 10:30). It is one of my most favorite moments of the day, she doesn't wake up but she is just so cuddly and sweet. No matter how tired I am (yes, exhausted by 10:30) I am so fully in that moment I couldn't fall asleep if I wanted to.


  1. That last picture cracks me up! She looks like she's trying to escape from YOU! Super cute :)

  2. may i just say i am madly in love with your children? i need some kendall kisses! im in withdrawal!

  3. awesome post!!!
    I miss the girls (and you of course)
    maybe i can drive down for a visit soon!!