Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Give a Mama a Break

Geez, I kind of have my hands full at the moment don't give me grief about not posting!!!

We had a fantastic time with Susan and Ron (aka Gram and Pop) last weekend. Kendall loves them so much. She had a very interested audience of two for all of her tricks and talents.

Today Jennie, Anna, and Noah came over to 'play'. Kendall loves Anna and she got very excited to hear that she was coming over and then she walked around saying, "No, my Mimi, my toy, my Kate, my..." Poor Anna was terrorized she couldn't pick up anything without Kendall being right on top of her. Really, she did share before Kate was born. The "mine-ness" started when she discovered that she was no longer the only child.

We also took the kiddos over to the Summer Reading Program kickoff at the library. The girls wanted NOTHING to do with the girl in the Clifford the Big Red Dog costume but they were actually VERY good as we waited in line (for 45 minutes) to get the animal balloon of their choice: Elmo hats. I fear the tantrum when this thing pops. During the long wait we had one near miss of broken toes, one near miss in "chalk baby outline" (what Jennie calls temper tantrums) and a couple close calls of the little ones waking up. But we made it and Jennie and I have decided to nominate each other for Mommy of the Year for our bravery. It takes a courageous woman to leave the house with two children.

Oh, and Kendall also discovered the nice breeze from our air conditioner vents.


  1. Love the the babies.....and LOVE the blowing dress!!! Soo terribly cute!

  2. I too fear what will happen when the Elmo hat expires. Cute picture of the future Mr. and Mrs. too ;)