Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This is Kendall but I think that the shape of the eyes and the hair makes it look just like Kate. And would you just look at the size of that pacifier, is that not the ugliest thing ever? Kendall was super sweet today and dishing out lots of voluntary kisses and Kate was super smiley and was having trouble nursing because she wouldn't stop smiling and laughing at me. We had the girls' rooms painted today. Kendall's is cute (yellow) but I LOVE the color we picked for Kate's, "Celery Stalk". I wish that we had put it in Kendall's room too!

Brian took the camera with him on his trip so unless I can borrow a camera you will be seeing old pictures here. However if I'm this tired in the coming days you may not be seeing any pictures or new blog posts at all. Two little munchkins can wear a girl out!

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  1. Brian took the camera, but it was stolen by TSA at airport. So can't take pictures of Vienna or Budapest. Or kids when I get back home. Stinks.