Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Cut and Paste

We're experiencing the Great House Search and I'm finding that I want to cut and paste houses together: this exterior of this house with floor layout from this house placed in the 'town' of this house with this houses price. Oh if it were so simple. I really love old houses they have such character and feel so warm to me but their choppy room divisions aren't logical for day to day living. Newer houses have open floor plans that would allow me to keep my eyes on the girls while I was cooking in the kitchen or working at my desk. Right now there are three houses that we love (and another that we loved until we heard about some water damage and the need for more updating then we were hoping for). Here are bits and pieces of each of the houses that we like.
This house with the exterior view was high on the list but then we heard about water damage in the basement, carpet that needed replaced....not ideal since we aren't living there long enough.

I love all the hardwood floors and fireplaces! I can't wait to go back up to inspect these more closely. Sorry for the few and far between posts! We're playing and park-ing and picnic-ing and perfecting the house for a buyer (wow, check out that alliteration). Oh, we're also loving on some pals too. The other day I was leaving Chick-fil-a and I started thinking about when Lorie and I went there right after Kendall was born and we couldn't stop staring at her and we just talked and laughed. The memory made me sad so I called Lorie then I started blubbering on the phone. We're going to miss them!! Poor Kendall doesn't quite realize that her "new house" is so far away from the woman that she asks to see 57 times each day!


  1. Poor Lorie. It will be like your "grandchildren" moving away. But you can always go visit.

    That house it wonderful!! Too bad it has some scary problems.

    Good luck hunting....paula

  2. Yes, Granny and Papa John will really be sad I'm afraid :)

    These pictures are from lots of different houses that we like, not all from the same one.