Sunday, July 27, 2008

For Brian

Isn't it fun to spin in circles?

I got home yesterday after spending a few very long days searching for the perfect new home. We saw about 25 houses in two days (18 of them in one day). We started negotiations on a house and actually walked away from it today just because we couldn't feel positive that it was the best decision for our family. I was bummed a bit today but we are thinking more strongly about the house that we saw first when we went up one month ago! Brian is going back to look at it again tomorrow.
I didn't really feel up to blogging but Brian mentioned that he missed his girls and that he was hoping for some new pictures on the blog. I understand what it feels like to miss these little monsters so bad that your heart hurts so as soon as he said that I popped the camera card into the computer. These are for you B. We miss you too.

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