Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lots of pictures, I have to make up for not posting!

Dancing a little jig with Great Gram

I didn't intentionally match Brian, seriously.

In our hotel
Kate at the rehearsal dinner.

I love this picture of Susan and Kim, it is a little blurry though.

Last weekend we drove up to Chicago for Kim's wedding. We had the best time and everything was absolutely beautiful. Kendall was the flower girl and she did an awesome job, we had actually been a little worried because she has a tendency to be a bit introverted and shy but she had no problem at all. Brian was one of the groomsman and luckily Mike's (Brian's brother) girlfriend Nicole sat with me at the wedding and she helped SO much, I don't know how I would have kept the two monkeys quiet without her! She is great.
This is Brian's brother Mike. I have on more than one occasion mistaken him for Brian.

At times the drive was a bit too much for the girls but we kept our sense of humor about it. Brian got a serious case of the giggles during Kendall's melt down. Now that is chaos: one kid crying, one dad laughing, one mom snapping pictures, and one baby looking on in confusion.

Next week Susan is flying up to watch the girls while Brian and I go up to look and hopefully make an offer on a house. I sent a list of MLS numbers to our realtor, we are looking at 22 houses! I know that is crazy but it's over a couple of days. This way when we make an offer we will feel confident that is the best house available (since we have seen them all, ha).(Kate's new crayons, she may be a bit too young still, she tries to eat them)


  1. Anonymous10:08 AM

    I love all the pictures and I especially love Susan's dress, so do you think I could maybe arm wrestle or race her for it? Oh well, I'd probably lose anyway.

  2. Kate looks SO big in that rehersal dinner photo!

    Love Kendall's shoes :)

  3. looks like you all had a great time. except that shot of Kendall in the car. Woah! Funny that Brian caught the giggles... he had better stop that before she becomes a teenager. I can just imagine a fit of tears over a bad hair day and Brian cracking up in her face...