Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Freshy Breathy

Today Kendall had her first dentist appointment. The girls 'played' video games in the waiting room and then Kendall climbed up in the special seat, put on blue sparkly shades, and watched the TV on the ceiling. She was a champ.

Later she showed us that she knows how to read....alright, alright is more like 'memorize'. But I LOVE it! (I'm attempting to upload the video but it's big....I'll keep trying).

I'm experiencing the stress of being in limbo, a lame duck. I feel like we're drawing out the good-byes and I have to stay on top of the girls all the time so that the house stays clean in case someone wants to see it, I'm dreading that Brian may be living up there while we're here for awhile...yadda yadda yadda, just makes me a little melancholy. Life is good, I can't really complain I just don't like limbo. Officially the house is barely on the market, the pictures aren't even on the Internet yet so this is only the beginning.

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