Monday, July 28, 2008

Great Day

We had a great day. The girls were so good, we got groceries and played outside in the sprinkler for a long time. They both took great naps and I mopped the hardwood floors and cleaned the bathrooms. Lots of fun. Kendall went on a bit of a potty protest while I was out of town (poor Gram) but she's back to her old self now, phew.

There is drama surrounding the house hunting that I don't want to even talk about. I may possibly have the worse luck when it comes to finding a house though. Anyway, not going to let that spoil my day, here are some of my favorites from the day.

How long do you think she'll be happy to let her sister drive? Actually, it took about 3 minutes then she wanted the wheel herself. Only a small preview of what is to come I'm sure.


  1. Is that a Dora swimsuit I spy?? Looks like lots of fun!! Hope the house hunting starts going better for you guys! love, paula

  2. Love these! Reminds me so much of my girls growing up!! Kind of sad, it seems so long ago!!