Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Saturday we went with a friend out to Amish country. It was such a nice time. We saw the horse drawn buggies hauling butt out on the roads and we had a delicious meal and did a little shopping. I've already talked to mom about it and we plan to go when she visits next month. At one of the little grocers I picked up homemade pasta and some "gourmet" pasta sauce that was incredibly good. It wasn't local but it's base was a Pinot Grigio and it had whole black olives in it, yumm. I picked up a loaf of hot Italian bread tonight and we had chicken over the pasta with sauce and hot bread. Yummy.
Saturday night Kendall decided that she didn't want the Easter Bunny coming into our house. She would not go to sleep, she was crying and really freaking out. I went so far as to tell her that HE IS NOT REAL but she didn't believe me and she just kept asking me when he was coming, if he would peek in her room....we even wrote a note to put outside that asked him not to come inside. Finally we said that I emailed with the Easter Bunny and he told me what to do so Mommy would do it all this year and he wasn't going to come because he didn't want to scare her. She declared today that she wanted him to come next year. It's funny when people ask her if the Easter Bunny came to her house she says, "No."

Sunday we were in church and the preacher wasn't far into the sermon and I realized something was off, I knew the punch line to all of his jokes, I could predict what was coming next. I started to wonder if he was using his Christmas sermon over again and then it hit me, he was using the sermon that I heard LAST EASTER at our old church! I really wanted to approach him and tell him that I was a fan of (insert our last pastor's name here) too but I just couldn't do it.

The girls and I spend a lot of time looking out our kitchen windows watching the birds. They are starting to recognize them by name. Tonight I set this little station up for the girls. This is a shelf on the front of our island. It holds my cookbooks on top and the library books on bottom. I put a little basket with some of the birds we see and two bird field guides (small ones that they can manipulate easily) so that we can look up birds and read about them. (Thanks Susan and Great Gram Z for the books!))

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  1. Ashley! This is such a great post. I am going to leave comments in a numbered list.
    #1. I would love to see Amish country! Sounds neat. And yummy.
    #2. I love how your gals love to watch the birds! You should get a feeder for yellow finches. they are precious.
    #3. I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH OF A FREAK OUT KENDALL HAD OVER THE EASTER BUNNY! She is right, though, the concept is kinda crazy. ;-) She's not scared of Santa, right?

    thanks for sharing your stories!