Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Grief

I'm getting grief from one of the Jennifers about my lack of blog posting (Jennie). I just grabbed my camera to download any pictures that I've taken since the last blog post and three pictures were on the camera card. We've been doing a lot though! Saturday we had a great day. We were invited to a birthday party of one of Brian's colleague's daughters. They live about an hour away and we knew that there are outlets near their house. We spent the day outside walking between the shops, stopping at the duck pond and playing on the play area. The girls did very well despite being trapped in strollers for most of the day. Afterwards we went to the birthday party (where we were the only native English speakers--but everyone politely spoke English so we could understand) and had a blast! The girls had so much fun playing with the little kids and the hosts invited us to stay for dinner. The girls were both F-I-L-T-H-Y from all their playing and cake eating so we gave them a bath (luckily I had brought clean comfy clothes) and then we all sat outside on the deck for a French meal, so very yummy with lots of bread, wine, and oh the cheeses! I fear for the size of my bottom when we get to France surrounded by all those delicious cheeses!
The girls and I have been running around looking for new patio furniture and picking up party supplies as we see them. We met some friends yesterday at story time then for lunch and then after nap again for gym and play time. Jen and the girls are coming over tomorrow for another play date and then Friday night Jen and I are going for a girls night out. We haven't decided if we will just get a drink and chat or if we will go shopping. Saturday Kendall starts her dance class I'll be sure to take pictures of that!
Other then all that we've just been chilling here at home, reading the paper and party planning :)

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  1. Oh those pesky Jennifers! Thank you for giving me pictures of my daughters...I mean, um, of Kendall and Kate ;)

    What kind of dance is Kendall taking? Anna will die! Poor girl is stuck in soccer for 5 more weeks :p