Thursday, April 16, 2009

Friends Named Jennifer

I've always felt that it takes about 2 years living in one place before you start to run into people you know when you're out. However, since we live in such a little 'village' I rarely am out of the house without seeing someone I know already! We have arrived in that comfortable place of new friendships where you don't hesitate to call and say, "What is the plan for the day?!" So we're staying busy, getting out of the house a lot: library times, playgrounds, gym meet ups, and registering for dance classes (for Kendall not me, hee).

Have I ever mentioned that I have a thing for Jennifers? Here let me show you:
Friend from last city (or as we like to say because we're a little middleschool-ish"BFF"): Jennie
Some of our best 'couple' friends: Justin and Jenn
New friend here: Jen
Kendall's favorite friend in her class: Sidnee....but her mom's name is Jen--and I like her
It makes it easier for me to remember people's names. It makes it hard on my family when I try to talk about something I did with one of my friends.
Oh and on a side note Jennie and Jenn both have sisters named Amy. Spookie? That reminds me I know Jen has two sisters I need to ask her what their names are.

I finished Kendall's birthday invitations, she can't wait to hand them out at school. We're having a candy themed party (complete with candy buffet). We placed the invitations in cellophane bags with candy in them. Now we're doing the planning portion of the party. I know the games that we will play. I'm trying to decide on the menu and the logistics of everything.

Our library has awesome story times. This week they had this big "egg" that they blew up, the kids (or chicks) climbed inside and had the entire story time inside! This is how Kate experienced it though:


  1. Get out! Those invitations are adorable! Sadly, Anna thinks that since we invited Kendall that means she'll be coming to her party :(

  2. Love, love the invitations. You are so creative. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Can I come to the party? A candy buffet sounds absolutely ridiculous! We may be near you guys soon, my bff is having a baby in a few weeks and she's in your direction (I think, I need to consult a map).