Monday, April 06, 2009

Just Being Us

We've had some nice warm days and have been meeting up with friends at parks and for play dates. I love that we've reached the point where we are running into people we know and we are getting calls from friends to go do stuff, woo hoo. I heard a quote on a commercial the other night that I related to, "When we get to a place where no one knows us we become most like ourselves." That has been us for a few months: we didn't know anyone, we became more like ourselves, we learned more about each other as a family, and now we are being our best us with our new friends. I think that is one of the things I look forward to when we become ex-pats: it being just the four of us relying on one another and learning more about ourselves and each other.
Kendall participated in St Jude's trike-a-thon and it was hilarious to watch the little kids zipping around on their mission. I took Kate to let her ride her bike for a little while too. She is really looking forward to school next year.
Yesterday Kendall met her hero. We surprised her, wouldn't tell her we were going (an indoor amusement park a little over an hour away). That in itself was enough of a surprise then she saw the sign saying who was going to be there.
Actually, we were the last family to see Diego. As we walked off the stage I heard one of the security guards say that Diego needed something, they helped him off the stage and tried to get him behind the curtained door but we saw him collapse into a time unlock the knees buddy.

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  1. adorable photos!! I love following your adventures! Give the little bugs some hugs for me.