Friday, April 24, 2009

Jump Up Jump Up and Get Down

All winter long I have said that I wanted a bounce house for the girls in the basement. Last weekend I came home from Toys R Us and told Brian that I almost surprised him with a $200 bounce house on the credit card. Today I went to Sam's Club and bought very large quantities of...well, of stuff that I wouldn't have otherwise bought but that's not the point. On the way to Sam's Club I passed a cardboard sign indicating a nearby garage sale. Woo hoo, garage sales are starting! I never got into in my last city but I have recently vowed to become a garage saler. I quickly spotted this thing marked for $20. I can't imagine paying $20 for anything at a garage sale so I asked if she would take $10, she grimaced and said she would take $15. I shrugged and decided that it just wasn't meant to be and she quickly changed her mind :) Heee, I didn't know I was a haggler!

I picked Kendall up from school, the temperature is close to 80 today so we decided to go home and pack a picnic to have in the back yard. I mentioned that I had a bit of a surprise for her. After lunch I set it up. Woo hoooo, "Mom, my legs are so tired!" I heard multiple times from the "castle." Lately she has been telling me that she is "A true princess" so of course she needed this castle. Nap time has been especially long today, I knew I needed one of these!


  1. Anonymous3:03 PM

    wow, you're better than me.

  2. Great buy A! Way to go! I am quite the yard sell buyer but you topped me on this one. $15 is a bargain!

  3. $10 I got it for $10!!

  4. OMGosh!! You are my kinda shopper but I am not lucky with garage sales like with Craigs. When you are done you can ship it to me!!! :) paula