Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nature Walk

Last week the girls and I embarked on a little project. First I cut an egg carton in half and let the girls paint each of the holes a different color and then we painted the outside anyway we liked. Afterwards the egg cartons sat on the kitchen counter for a week because we had crazy weather and couldn't take our walks. Yesterday we finally were able to take our nature walk and the girls collected various things that would match the colors in our carton. They had a lot of fun and Kate did a great job sorting items into the right spots.

This morning the girls were all dressed up (as usual) and I declared that we needed to run to the grocery store. Instead of making them change I let them go as they were.
 First I had to take a picture of them in their finery. As we're loading the car Kendall asked me why I wasn't fancy too. Humph, the nerve, so I took a picture of myself so you could see how unfancy I was. Maybe it was my freshly showered wet hair. She's a little young for me to already be embarrassing her in public don't you think? Of course as soon as we walked through the doors two older ladies ooh'd and aaaah'd over her and Kendall walked away with a big smile and yelled, "I knew everyone would think I was cute!!" Humph, she's so modest.


  1. I can NOT handle Kate's hair right now. She looks like some 1920s movie star. I love it!

  2. Wet hair or least you had the scarf. 3 cutie pies!

    PS...and I second that on Kate's hair. It is fabulous.

  3. Your girls are too funny!! and lots of fun!! love, paula