Saturday, August 29, 2009

Two More Days

I heard it multiple times today, "Two more days and then I start school!!" She is so excited. I wanted to spend some quality time with her since I'll have time with Kate before she starts school. We left this morning and bought fabric for her painting smock. We stopped in the pet store to pet the puppies. At one point she decided that if we brought a puppy home it would be the best surprise for Kate. I think Daddy would have been slightly more surprised. We did a little more shopping together and even played at the indoor playground in the mall. Tonight she got a little quality time with Daddy. They ran to the sporting goods store since Brian's work softball team starts tomorrow. They went straight to the front yard when she got home and this is what I found. I ended up with her baseball cap so she could see the ball better. 
NOTE: She did NOT ride in the front seat of the car (see top picture) we got to the store 5 minutes before it opened and so she climbed in the front with me. Just felt I needed to add that disclaimer!

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  1. I can't believe she is starting school! The smock is great. She will be the best dressed for sure. :)