Saturday, August 08, 2009

Ocean City Life Part III

This is the final installment of our day in the life of our Ocean City vacation. After dinner you hop in the stroller (grab your jacket because sometimes it gets cool!) and head back to the boardwalk. Every evening you get one prize or ride. We rode the Thomas train, the boats, Dumbos (Kendall looked like she was in a car with hydraulics and she almost bounced herself out of the ride) and the carousel. The first night they chose Dora and Elmo balloons. You also get one treat each night: big pretzel, salt water taffy, carmel corn or the usual favorite is ice cream! Sometimes you're just too exhausted to eat it!


  1. That last picture is hee-larious.

  2. Those kids look like they're having a blast. I want their ice cream. (Well, I don't want to take it from them. I just want some too)