Monday, August 31, 2009


Kendall started preschool today. She LOVED it. I asked her tonight what her favorite part of school was and her reply was, "Everything I did at school was my favorite part." She had a blast, I extended her day by an hour and a half this year so she gets to eat lunch with her friends and have recess, she loved that.
Kate had a hard time at first, she wanted to stay at school and was really upset the whole way home. Finally, I mentioned that she could play with Kendall's toys and suddenly all was great, ha. She kept forgetting where Kendall was and would say, "Is Kendall asleep? Oh I fo-ghot." She was a lot more talkative when she's on her own.

After school the girls played so incredibly well together. They were non-stop all afternoon keeping themselves so busy and playing so nicely. It was a great day.

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